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The Department of Plastic Surgery at SLG Hospitals offers a wide gamut of restoration, rejuvenation, enrichment and rectification solutions of forms, functions and appearance.
A team, bringing together into one place some of the adept and highly experienced doctors and specialist surgeons well-acquainted with most advanced technologies, SLG’s plastic surgery specialty promises to turn patients’ requisites into reality, in the most natural and safe way.

With state-of-the-art equipment, completely equipped procedure suites, zero infection zones and international standard protocols, we ensure a truly world-class experience.

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Recently I had a knee injury, for treatment I went to SLG Hospitals. I was hardly walking receptionists and staff members immediately responded and accompanied me to ortho Dr. B.Chakradhar Reddy. He treated me really well and explained me the problem in a very simple neat way. Radiology technicians were also very helpful and supportive. I’m well satisfied with hospitality and over all service.
Ravali Kavoori


Plastic surgery is a specialty branch of medicine that focuses on the restoration, rectification and enhancement of various parts of the body. The term “plastic” does not stand for ‘artificiality’; in plastic surgery, the term “plastic” is used to denote the reshaping or sculpting of human flesh. The field of plastic surgery is best known for aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, which is the improvement of an individual’s appearance for aesthetic purposes. Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is just one branch of the field; plastic surgery can also involve microsurgery, hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, burn treatments, and reconstructive surgery.

Plastic surgeons are trained and skilled to perform reconstructive plastic surgery which restores form and function following illness or trauma. They also perform aesthetic or ‘cosmetic’ surgery which changes appearance or form.

Plastic surgery procedures are relatively safe but can have complications, if done inappropriately. Each patient’s medical history also can lead to different risks. The plastic surgeon should follow right medical ethics to be readily cooperative beforehand with detailed information about risks and potential complications involved in the procedure.


There are various branches of plastic surgery. Some of the most crucial and widely accessed include: Microsurgery | Hand surgery | Craniofacial surgery | Reconstructive surgery | Burn treatments | Cosmetic surgery

Some of the very common plastic surgery procedures include Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Abdominoplasty (commonly known as Tummy tuck), Liposuction, Breast Augumentation/Implantation, Breast Reduction Surgery,  Gynaecomastia, Facial Augmentation, Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, Lower Limb Trauma (Microvascular bone transfer, Heel pad reconstruction, Tendon transfers, etc.), Upper Limb Trauma (Crush injury management, Hand fracture treatment, Skin grafting, Head fracture management, Burns).

One should consider seeing a cosmetic surgeon, if the surgical procedure is needed to be done on face or other parts of the body, and are of a cosmetic or aesthetic in nature; or if one wishes to improve his or her appearance or aims to improve psychological or emotional state through looks. A plastic surgeon is just the right choice if the requirement is to restore both form and function to body parts that are damaged by illness or injury; in the case of disfiguring illnesses or injury, as well as congenital defects that are interfering with how one lives his or her daily life, it is certainly advisable to consult and seek treatment or surgical procedures from a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

As one of the renowned facilities in Hyderabad, the Department of Plastic Surgery at SLG Hospitals offers a broad range of treatments and services, while ensuring the highest standards of surgical craftsmanship. 
Treatments and procedures we undertake include:
Botox and fillers | Scar correction | Tummy tuck | Rhinoplasty | Face ift | Neck lift | Arm lift | Eye lift | Brow lift | Breast lift | Inner thigh lift | Lower body lift | Body contouring surgery | Penile lengthening procedure | Penile surgery for erectile dysfunction | Oculoplastic surgery | Vaginoplasty/Hymenoplasty |Cheek implants | Facial fat grafting | Lip augmentation | Chin augmentation | Breast augmentation | Breast reduction | Liposuction | Molar reduction