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At SLG Hospitals, our Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Reproductive Science experts together ensure a holistic treatment of the patient, and not just the immediate concern. In addition to outstanding comprehensive care, we also offer emotional support to the patient and her family. Whether one is aiming towards building a family or expecting effective treatment for a precise gynaecological problem, our ObGyn specialists are there to medically support and guide as per her needs. Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at SLG Hospitals has an outpatient and an inpatient division, well-equipped labour rooms, and maternity wards, daycare wing, and 24/7 availability of healthcare professionals who are well-prepared to deal with all possible obstetric and gynaecological emergencies.

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Recently I had a knee injury, for treatment I went to SLG Hospitals. I was hardly walking receptionists and staff members immediately responded and accompanied me to ortho Dr. B.Chakradhar Reddy. He treated me really well and explained me the problem in a very simple neat way. Radiology technicians were also very helpful and supportive. I’m well satisfied with hospitality and over all service.
Ravali Kavoori


Obstetrics & Gynaecology is the clinical specialty that takes care of the female reproductive system. An obstetrician cares for women during their pregnancy, delivery and just after the baby is born. A gynaecologist specializes in women’s overall reproductive wellbeing. Consult our  Best Gynaecology Hospital in Hyderabad

Some of the common conditions that a gynaecologist deals with include
Cervical dysplasia | Menstrual disorders | Pelvic floor prolapse | Pelvic pain | Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) | Uterine fibroids | Urinary incontinence | Ovarian cysts | Endometriosis | Genital tract infections | Vulva and vaginal skin disorders | Female infertility

Common risk factors that can put one at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer or cancers of the uterus, colon or breast include family history (if a closely related family member had any of those cancer types); obesity, hypertension, diabetes, chronic vulvar irritation or late menopause.

Yes, they do. Gynecologic oncologists specialize in diagnosing and treating any cancer that starts in a woman’s reproductive organs. They are initially trained as obstetricians/gynecologists, and then receive advanced training exclusively in cancer treatment.

It is utmost crucial to consult a gynaecologist if one encounters any of the following symptoms:
Bleeding between periods | Frequent need to urinate | Burning sensation during urination | Sudden abnormal vaginal bleeding | Pain or pressure in the pelvis | Itching, burning, swelling, redness, or soreness in the vaginal area | Sores or lumps in the genital area | Vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odour or colour | Excessive vaginal discharge | Pain or discomfort during intercourse

Prenatal testing and diagnostics includes:
Ultrasonography | Chorionic villi sampling | Amniocentesis | Maternal marker screening | Fetal assessment: Fetal biophysical profile |Fetal heart rate | Pap screening | Hormonal assays | Colposcopy | Hysteroscopy
Interventional Procedures:
Abdominal hysterectomy | Caesarean section | Endometriosis surgery | Laparoscopic gynaecological procedures | Management of high-risk pregnancies and deliveries | Painless delivery (Epidural anaesthesia) |Tubal ligation | Tubal ligation reversal |minimally invasive procedures for ovarian cysts |  Fertility services: Ovulation induction, Endometriosis, intrauterine insemination, invitro fertilisation

Our team of skilled surgeons has the required expertise to perform a diverse range of gynaecological surgeries including cervical cryosurgery, colposcopy, Dilation and Curettage (D&C), hysteroscopy, LEEP procedure and pelvic laparoscopy.