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At SLG, we provide the right care for patients with a variety of problems of the blood vessels and lymph system, also known as vascular diseases. Our specialists have the necessary skill-sets to diagnose and treat all cases ranging from the simple to the serious and complicated.

Our team, comprising some of the top vascular surgeons in Hyderabad, has the expertise to provide comprehensive services to patients with various peripheral vascular disorders, including the latest catheter-based interventions, minimally invasive procedures as well as traditional surgical treatments. The endovascular and vascular surgeons use up-to-the-minute techniques to perform balloon angioplasty and stenting, blood clot removal and bypass surgery.

Since accurate diagnosis is the basis for all successful treatment, we are equipped with the latest technologies in terms of advanced imaging methods, including heart ultrasound, intravascular ultrasound, magnetic resonance angiography, computerized tomography angiography, cerebral arteriography, electromyography, and arterial and venous ultrasound. These have made us the best vascular surgery centre in the city.

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