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Seeking a skin specialist in Hyderabad who delivers exceptional care and transformative results? Nestled in Bachupally, Hyderabad, SLG Hospitals is your gateway to vibrant, healthy skin and hair. Whether you’re battling acne, considering aesthetic treatments, or simply seeking expert advice, our team of passionate dermatologists guides you every step of the way.

Hyderabad’s leading dermatological care provider, SLG Hospitals, is at the forefront of the field. Our staff of highly skilled dermatologists, headed by the famous Dr.Kavya Thotla, is a testament to our dedication to quality. Enter the best dermatologist in Hyderabad, SLG Hospitals, and discover a haven of glowing health and confidence. Skin is more than simply an external covering; it reflects your inner health and is a source of confidence.

More about SLG Hospital

SLG Hospitals is delighted to be the first and only facility in the area built under Joint Commission International’s (JCI) recommended standards. Globally, JCI is acknowledged as the gold standard for guaranteeing healthcare quality and patient safety.

To serve the community effectively, SLG Hospitals aims to provide comprehensive and excellent healthcare services by fusing medical knowledge, modern technology, and compassionate care.

The hospital’s focus on preventive healthcare and setting new standards for others to follow are among its primary goals. To help patients manage and reverse any previously undiagnosed health conditions, they offer screening programs for all age groups that uncover potential health risks related to lifestyle choices or medical histories.

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SLG Hospitals Dermatology Services

SLG offers a comprehensive spectrum of services, catering to every aspect of your skin and hair health:

Acne (pimples):

We tackle acne head-on with personalized treatment plans, including topical medications, oral medications, light therapy, and chemical peels.

Sun spots and age spots:

SLG offers advanced laser technologies and topical solutions to fade sun-induced pigmentation and restore even skin tone.

Pigmented lesions:

We effectively address hyperpigmentation issues like melasma and freckles with various modalities, including lasers, peels, and topical creams.


SLG specialists effectively manage eczema through a combination of topical therapies, emollients, and phototherapy.

Dandruff and scalp conditions:

Say goodbye to flaky scalp with our tailored solutions for dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and other ailments.

Hair loss:

From male pattern baldness to diffuse thinning, SLG offers proven hair loss treatments like PRP therapy, minoxidil, and hair transplantation techniques.

The Radiant Group Behind SLG Dermatology

A dedicated group of skin Doctors in Hyderabad dermatology and hair specialists under the direction of world-class dermatologist Dr. J V Subba Reddy constitute the backbone of SLG’s outstanding dermatology service. In addition to their wealth of experience and state-of-the-art knowledge, each team member is deeply committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered treatment.

Taking the Lead:

The benchmark for quality is set by Dr. Subba Reddy, renowned for his thorough approach and customized treatment regimens. His reputation as the “Best Dermatologist in Nizampet” attests to his commitment to helping each patient get the best possible result.

Beyond Medical Marvels:

The SLG group knows that genuine healing requires more than medical knowledge. All of us, from our highly competent technicians to our highly experienced dermatologists, highly value emotional support and sensitivity. Patients are given the utmost respect, compassion, and dedication throughout their trip to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Knowledge in All Fields:

Beyond Dr.Kavya Thotla, the best skin Doctor in Hyderabad, SLG has a broad group of doctors with specialized expertise in medical dermatology, aesthetic procedures, hair restoration, and trichology. This ensures that you will receive specialized care from professionals aware of your unique needs

Beyond Technology a Team Driven by Compassion

At SLG, exceptional care goes beyond just cutting-edge equipment. Our team of top dermatologists in Hyderabad prioritizes empathy and emotional support, treating each patient with respect and understanding throughout their journey. This patient-centered approach sets us apart as the best skin specialist in Hyderabad.

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Why Choose SLG?

Unmatched expertise:

To ensure you receive the most advanced and successful care possible, our team combines a wealth of knowledge with the most recent developments in dermatology.

Caring Care:

Your health is our priority, not just your skin, and we support and understand you emotionally at every stage.

Holistic Approach:

We create individualized treatment regimens for each patient, considering their lifestyle, emotional stability, and skin health.

Contemporary Facilities:

Take advantage of the newest technology in a welcoming setting that supports your healing process.

Best Offer by SLG Hospitals

Advanced Treatments:

Tackle any concern with a diverse range of proven approaches.

Expert Care:

Experienced, compassionate specialists guide you every step of the way.

Advanced Technology:

Experience the latest advancements for optimal results.

Personalized Plans:

We tailor treatments and communication to your unique needs.

Empowered Journey:

Gain knowledge and support to thrive with healthy, radiant skin and hair.

Orthopaedic Packages

Advanced Knee / Shoulder Package

Knee Osteoarthritis Package

Back Pain Package

Bone Health Package

Patient Testimonials

Recently I had a knee injury, for treatment I went to SLG Hospitals. I was hardly walking receptionists and staff members immediately responded and accompanied me to ortho Dr. B.Chakradhar Reddy. He treated me really well and explained me the problem in a very simple neat way. Radiology technicians were also very helpful and supportive. I’m well satisfied with hospitality and over all service.
Ravali Kavoori


Acne is caused by oil glands in the skin producing excessive oil due to hormonal changes. If left untreated, acne can lead to permanent scarring of the facial skin.

For uncontrolled acne, early consultation with a dermatologist is recommended. Generally, the acne medication prescribed can prevent pimple break outs. But in case of severe acne that doesn’t clear despite medication, SLG offers advanced options such as skin peels, dermaroller and microdermabrasion.

Due to the expertise of its dermatologists, SLG is well-known as the best centre for acne treatment in Hyderabad.   

Most certainly! At SLG, our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation and depending on the potential causes and the extent of the hyperpigmentation, various treatment options will be provided, including creams, sunscreen and various skin lightening procedures such as skip peels, microdermabrasion, glutathione injections and PRP. 

With a state-of-the-art facility, SLG has emerged as the best centre for skin-lightening treatment in Hyderabad.

STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease, which is a disease that is spread through sexual behavior like vaginal intercourse, oral sex, anal sex or sometimes intimate skin-to-skin contact. Some common types of STDs are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, HPV and HIV.

SLG provides the latest therapies for the best treatment of STDs in Hyderabad. 

While many STDs may show no signs at all, if you observe any of the following symptoms, consult our doctor right away:

  • Discharge or unusual fluid that may be white or yellow that comes out of the vagina or penis
  • An unexplained rash
  • A burning sensation when urinating
  • Bumps, sores, blisters, or warts on the genital area – in women this includes the outer and inner lips, vagina and clitoris and in men this includes the penis and testicles.

With a successful track-record, SLG has built a reputation of having a team of top venereologists in Hyderabad.

The main symptoms of leprosy include:

On observing any of the symptoms, consult SLG’s team of skin specialists immediately as they provide the best treatment for leprosy in Hyderabad.

One should consider consulting a dermatologist, if he or she
> has severe acne or keeps on getting pimple outbreaks, or has rashes, redness, or scaly patches on skin that do not go away

> experiences swelling, pain, itching, and rashes, or find bumps or lumps on skin
> has a mole or skin discoloration that is too big or is in a location where it causes some disruption, or if a new mole or discoloration appears, or notices any changes in existing moles or skin tags, such as darkening in color or growing in size, or if a mole becomes painful to touch or starts itching, oozing, or bleeding

With proper medical attention, skin problems and diseases can be safely managed for your health, safety, and comfort. Consult the Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad at SLG Hospitals.

At SLG, we offer an extensive range of treatments and procedures: 
Clinical dermatology | Cosmetic dermatology | Aesthetic dermatology | Paediatric dermatology | Dermatosurgery | Geriatric dermatology | Treatment for: acne and pimples |Sun spots |Age spots and other pigmented lesions | Anti-ageing | Stretch marks | Leucoderma | Melasma | Vitiligo | Dandruff | Hyperpigmentation | Nail diseases | Eczema |  Skin rash |Tinea versicolor | Hair diseases | Atopic dermatitis | Wart removal

SLG boasts a comprehensive range of services encompassing medical and aesthetic dermatology. They tackle common concerns like acne, eczema, hair loss, and pigmentation and even offer advanced procedures like laser hair removal and wrinkle reduction.

The SLG team comprises experienced and passionate dermatologists, led by the renowned Dr.Kavya Thotla, recognized as the Best Dermatologist in Nizampet. Each specialist brings their unique expertise and dedication to patient care.

SLG invests in cutting-edge technology to ensure you receive the most effective and advanced treatments. They use state-of-the-art lasers, diagnostic tools, and other equipment for optimal results.