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SLG Hospitals, renowned for having the best ENT specialists in Hyderabad, excels in Otolaryngology. Our ENT specialists in Hyderabad are adept at the medical and surgical management of ENT-related diseases.

SLG Hospitals ensures comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of ear, nose, and throat conditions for adults and children. The best ENT doctors in Hyderabad employ innovative treatment approaches, minimizing side effects and complications. As a trusted ENT hospital in Hyderabad, we prioritize patient well-being, providing personalized care for ENT issues.

About Us

With a commitment to excellence, SLG Hospitals is your premier ENT hospital in Nizampet, Hyderabad. As the best ENT hospital in Hyderabad, our Department of Otorhinolaryngology boasts a stellar team of experts, including the city’s finest ENT doctors and specialists.

We offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for various ENT concerns, ranging from general ear, nose, and throat diseases to specialized care for hearing disorders, snoring, sleep apnea, allergies, salivary gland diseases, and voice disorders. Trust SLG Hospital for effective care from the top ENT specialists in Hyderabad, ensuring your well-being at every step.

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History Of SLG Hospital- Leading ENT Hospital In Hyderabad

SLG Hospital in Bachupally Hyderabad was established in April 2019. Conceived by philanthropist Dandu Siva Rama Raju and family, SLG is dedicated to delivering exceptional care. We house some of the top ENT specialists in Hyderabad, ensuring expert care for ear, nose, and throat concerns.

We pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence, integrating cutting-edge technology and a compassionate touch, solidifying SLG Hospitals as the epitome of the best ENT hospital in Hyderabad.

Our Team Of ENT Specialist In Hyderabad

Meet our team behind SLG Hospitals’ exceptional care. Explore our top ENT specialists’ gallery.

Dr. G D Solomon Raj

Conditions Treated & Services Offered

Facilities At The Best ENT Hospital In Hyderabad

Facilities include:

Medical Facilities:

  • 24/7 Emergency services are available.
  • Advanced medical technology and diagnostic tools
  • Multidisciplinary team

Patient Amenities:

  • Private and semi-private rooms.
  • 120-room boutique hotel.

Location of SLG Hospital In Hyderabad

SLG Hospitals is conveniently located in Bachupally, Hyderabad, providing easy accessibility for residents in and around the 10-kilometer radius of this area.

Why Book An Appointment With Best ENT Specialist In Hyderabad At SLG

Here’s why you should consider booking an appointment with the best ENT specialists in Hyderabad at SLG Hospitals:

Renowned Experts:

  • Benefit from the expertise of leading ENT specialists in Hyderabad, ensuring top-tier care for ear, nose, and throat concerns.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

  • Access advanced diagnostic tools and interventions at the best ENT hospital in Hyderabad for precise assessments, enhancing the accuracy of your treatment.

Comprehensive Diagnostics:

  • Receive personalized and effective treatment plans with thorough diagnostic services by top ENT doctors in Hyderabad, addressing many ENT issues.

Advanced Procedures:

  • Experience innovative solutions for various ENT conditions through cutting-edge interventions, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Patient-Centric Approach:

  • SLG Hospitals offer compassionate care and clear communication, ensuring comfort throughout your ENT healthcare journey.

Convenient Location:

  • Strategically located in Hyderabad, SLG Hospitals is easily accessible for residents in areas like Bachupally, Nizampet, and Miyapur.

Orthopaedic Packages

Advanced Knee / Shoulder Package

Knee Osteoarthritis Package

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Bone Health Package

Patient Testimonials

Recently I had a knee injury, for treatment I went to SLG Hospitals. I was hardly walking receptionists and staff members immediately responded and accompanied me to ortho Dr. B.Chakradhar Reddy. He treated me really well and explained me the problem in a very simple neat way. Radiology technicians were also very helpful and supportive. I’m well satisfied with hospitality and over all service.
Ravali Kavoori


Yes, SLG has a compassionate team of ENT specialists in Hyderabad who are proficient in treating all ENT issues in children and infants. Services cover congenital defects, trauma, and ear and throat infections.

SLG Hospitals is the best ENT hospital in Hyderabad and is fully equipped to perform major ENT surgical procedures.
Procedures include cochlear implants, frontal sinus surgery, septoplasty, sinus surgery, laryngectomy, tonsillectomy, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, skull base surgery, and myringoplasty.

We have a dedicated team of the best ENT doctors in Hyderabad, capable of managing trauma-related ENT issues in children and infants with expertise and care.

We are fully equipped to perform cochlear implant surgeries, providing hearing solutions for individuals with hearing impairment.

For immediate consultation, contact an ENT specialist in Hyderabad if you experience earache, discharge, hearing loss, balance issues, runny/blocked nose, sneezing, sore throat, pain, or difficulty swallowing.