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With a team of experienced and highly skilled dermatologists, SLG Hospitals offers comprehensive, result-centric treatment for skin, hair and nail diseases. The department is headed by Dr J V Subba Reddy, Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad. 

Our skin specialists are well-qualified and proficient in a wide range of procedures to manage and treat skin related disorders. The team uncompromisingly puts into operation evidence-based therapies for a wide range of skin conditions, including acne, rashes, warts, vitiligo and many other types of skin conditions.  

A winning combination of precision and perfection, equally complemented by the required expertise on latest techniques – dermatology at SLG Hospitals is resolute to support patients
in every way, to preserve a flawless and shining skin health. 

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Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad

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Recently I had a knee injury, for treatment I went to SLG Hospitals. I was hardly walking receptionists and staff members immediately responded and accompanied me to ortho Dr. B.Chakradhar Reddy. He treated me really well and explained me the problem in a very simple neat way. Radiology technicians were also very helpful and supportive. I’m well satisfied with hospitality and over all service.
Ravali Kavoori


Dermatology is the medical specialty that deals with diseases and conditions that affect the skin, hair, scalp, and nails. However, major focus of dermatology remains on the disorders and treatments of skin, as it is the most widespread organ n our body. People across ages are all prone to develop skin problems of many different types, from rare to common conditions, from persistent to passing ones.

A dermatologist is a medical specialist who takes care of conditions involving the skin, hair, and nails. A dermatologist can identify and treat more than 3,000 conditions. These conditions include eczema, psoriasis, and skin cancer, among many others. 

Dermatologic surgery is the treatment of medically necessary and cosmetic skin, nail, and hair conditions by various surgical methods. It is also called dermatological surgery. Dermatologists are all trained in basic dermatologic surgery.


Postoperative complications may either be general or specific to the type of surgery undertaken and should be managed with the patient’s history in mind. Common general postoperative complications include postoperative fever, atelectasis, wound infection, embolism and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It is important to consult an experienced Dermatologist to avoid complications post surgery, book an appointment with the Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad at SLG Hospitals.

Dermatologists treat several varieties of conditions related to skin, hair, scalp and nails. They come under four major types, such as, chronic diseases, acute skin problems, skin infections, and skin discolorations. Some of the common disorders include acne, cold sore, blister, hives, actinic keratosis, rosacea, carbuncle, latex allergy, eczema, psoriasis, cellulitis, bassal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, lupus, contact dermatitis, vitiligo, wart, seborrheic eczema, keratosis pilaris, ringworm, melasma, impetigo etc.

One should consider consulting a dermatologist, if he or she
> has severe acne or keeps on getting pimple outbreaks, or has rashes, redness, or scaly patches on skin that do not go away

> experiences swelling, pain, itching, and rashes, or find bumps or lumps on skin
> has a mole or skin discoloration that is too big or is in a location where it causes some disruption, or if a new mole or discoloration appears, or notices any changes in existing moles or skin tags, such as darkening in color or growing in size, or if a mole becomes painful to touch or starts itching, oozing, or bleeding

With proper medical attention, skin problems and diseases can be safely managed for your health, safety, and comfort. Consult the Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad at SLG Hospitals.

At SLG, we offer an extensive range of treatments and procedures: 
Clinical dermatology | Cosmetic dermatology | Aesthetic dermatology | Paediatric dermatology | Dermatosurgery | Geriatric dermatology | Treatment for: acne and pimples |Sun spots |Age spots and other pigmented lesions | Anti-ageing | Stretch marks | Leucoderma | Melasma | Vitiligo | Dandruff | Hyperpigmentation | Nail diseases | Eczema |  Skin rash |Tinea versicolor | Hair diseases | Atopic dermatitis | Wart removal